What is Christmas All About?

How Would It Feel if God Was Born This Christmas?

What is Christmas to You?

  • Many people tell us that Christmas is a time for children and so it is.
  • Others say it is a family time and it is that as well.
  • Still others see it is a time to reconcile our differences and to help one another
  • Then there is the sending of greeting cards, catching up with distant friends and relations
  • There are also some who see Christmas as an opportunity to have a "good time", which can mean many things to different people.
  • And there are those who contend it is a pagan festival that is dressed up as a Christian occasion with singing carols and giving presents

Central Point about Christmas

Whilst all of these are perfectly valid points of view and reasons to celebrate Christmas, they all gloss over the most amazing central point for holding the celebration at all.

The clue is in the name "Christ – mass", it’s the remembrance or celebration of the birth of Christ, who is the Messiah or Saviour.

We can debate for ever about pre-Christian origins or modern commercialism, but the most amazing fact at the centre of Christmas is that a child was born roughly 2000 years ago who was no less than God Himself incarnated into a human body so that He could live amongst us and show us by practical demonstration what God is truly like.

Call it miraculous, call it unbelievable, call it anything you like but such a stupendous claim certainly needs to be looked into carefully rather than merely swept aside and discounted as irrelevant.

Gift for Everyone

Christians believe this is the start of the most important event in history and something that is life changing. In fact, far more than life changing it can bring about such a transformation that it is like starting life all over again.

And this is not only for people who call themselves Christians. The incarnation of God Himself is something for everyone. It transcends religious barriers and even the sacred-secular divide. Whatever views you hold dear, God offers the most amazing gift imaginable to anyone and everyone who will accept it.

Why not set aside a few minutes this Christmas to think what it is all about and the implications for you.

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