Tough Questions

Many people have serious questions about Christianity and the bold claims that the church makes about God, Creation, Life after Death, Sin, Judgement, Science and a host of other issues.

Some of these questions can be difficult to answer but that does not mean they don't deserve an answer.

Here we present some short video presentations that seek to address some of the more frequently asked questions. They have been prepared for us by the organisation Christianity Explored to whom we give thanks for allowing us to publish them on our website.

You Can't Trust the Bible, Can You?

Vaughan Roberts

Hasn't Science Shown that Christianity is Wrong?

Gavin McGrath

If There is a God, Why Does He Allow Suffering?

Dawn Evans

Wasn't Jesus Just a Great Teacher?

Kara Callaghan

Why Bother with Church?

Jason Roach

Isn't Believing in the Resurrection Ridiculous?

Paul Perkin

How Can a Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?

Abi Styles

Why Are Christians So Old Fashioned About Sex?

Lee McMunn

Aren't All Religions Basically the Same?

Dr Timothy Keller

Doesn't Becoming a Christian Mean Becoming Boring?

Lizzy Smallwood

Isn't Christianity Something People Use to Control Others?

Kevin DeYoung

Surely it's Arrogant to Say Your Religion is the Only Right One?

Nate Morgan-Locke

Doesn't Christianity Just Cause Conflict?

Russ Whitfield

I'm a Decent Person, Surely I'll be Fine?

Jon Cawsey

Does God Even Exist?

Ewa Pearce