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The Word that brings Life

Some of the other biblical truths that we consider to be important include:

Becoming a Christian

You may wonder why you need to become a Christian, or in other words, become a follower of Jesus Christ. The bible says it is because we have ignored God's directions for our lives. We are reaping the consequences in our world today and the consequences for a future life are truly bleak.

If you are satisfied with your life as it is, then what God offers will probably have little appeal for you. In just the same way that nobody enjoys visiting hospital when they feel really well.

If, however, you're desperate to change your life but don't know how, then God has an answer that will "blow your mind".

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Dead to Self and Alive to God

Once you become a Christian, you need to be baptised. By so doing, you are telling anyone who cares to hear that your life has been changed and you are now, in effect, under new management.

Baptism isn't optional for a Christian. It is clearly taught as a command in God's Word, so if you are determined to honour God by obeying him, then you need to be baptised.

Before we baptise anyone, we ensure they are fully aware of the significance of the act.


My Church

Dead to Self and Alive to God

Just as a newborn baby needs a loving home and family, so every Christian needs a spiritual home and a spiritual family where they know they belong amongst people they love and who love them.

The church that Jesus Christ builds is a place of comfort, growth, security, and much more beside. Find a church where you feel at home and where you know you will grow spiritually and then be sure you do your part to keep the church the way Jesus wants it to be.



Why read the Bible?

Dead to Self and Alive to God

God says that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:9), so it helps that He has explained His ways and thoughts clearly for us in the bible.

Left to our own devices we easily stray from God’s ways and have often done so throughout history. Consequently, we are well advised to read the bible regularly (preferably daily) to keep us on track.



Dead to Self and Alive to God

Why Pray?

Communication with God is not one way. Each of us individually or in groups can encounter God and have a conversation with Him by means of prayer.

As with any relationship, our friendship with God thrives when we talk to Him frequently and share our thoughts, hopes and concerns, along with thanks, appreciation of Him and wonder of who He is.


Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

God has not left His people to fend for themselves but, by His grace, has made abundant provision.

Part of that provision is Spiritual Gifts that are given to the church, through individual members of the church.

Some are valuable for encouraging God's people, some for guidance, some for welfare, some for safety and others for building people's faith, but in all cases, they are give for the benefit of everyone.



Adopted into the Family of God

In today's society, lasting, meaningful relationships seem to be so elusive. Everyone is searching for the perfect partner but too often it ends in tears and heartache.

The government has given up on the Child Support Agency (CSA), which was introduced to ensure absent parents discharged their responsibilities toward their own children. How much better if the Agency had folded, not because it had failed but because broken relationships were no longer a problem.

Much heartache could be avoided if we followed God's formula for right relationships and sexuality.



Gambling may be defined as seeking to gain from the uncertain (chance) outcome of an event with little investment of time, talent, effort or money and without regard for the adverse effects on other people.

The vast majority of people who indulge in gambling suffer financial loss. For some, that loss affects their families. For a significant minority, gambling develops into an addiction that destroys lives, is costly to society and can lead to other kinds of anti-social and criminal activity.

For Christians, gambling is in opposition to some of the most fundamental teachings of the bible.

See our Policy Statement on Gambling

Does God Exist?

Isn't it strange how people refuse to grapple with certain issues because they raise strong passions or tend to result in arguments, even though those issues may have serious consequences for our lives – issues such as politics, religion or what happens when we die?

Surely it makes more sense to talk about these vital issues that impact our lives rather than how our football team is doing or about developments in our favourite soap opera or the state of the weather or the latest gossip circulating around or workplace.

An issue that has very far reaching consequences for everyone of us is whether or not God exists and, if he does, will we be called to give an account to him for how we have lived our lives on this earth. Just think about it for a moment ...


Evolution or Creation

Evolution or Creation

There is much debate about evolutionary theory on the one hand and what the bible has to say about creation on the other.

Many advocates of evolution disparage the biblical account and attack the faith of Christian men and women.

Neither the bible, nor this website, makes any claim of authority in regard to scientific disciplines. However, lay people have every right to question the basic suppositions upon which evolutionary theory depends.

It is then for each individual to decide for themselves whether it is more credible to believe in God who created everything or that our very existence is purely an accident.