Sit and Think

Makes You Think!

Sometimes it's good to stop and think for a few moments and kind of ponder the meaning of life.

Isn't it Funny?

We may think the values we hold dear are personal and private. However, we express them very clearly to others in our everyday actions and attitudes.

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Making Daisy Chains

Tragic events are happening all around us. Some are picked up by the news media but the worst tragedies go unreported. Are we aware of what is happening?

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Book to Make One Wise

Today there is an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding. Alongside the growth of the Internet and television channels, more books are being published than ever before. But to truly benefit from all this information we need the right starting point - the key that we find in the bible.

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Extreme Prayer?

In the West, we pride ourselves on freedom of speech, but sometimes the truth can make us uncomfortable or even cause offence. What do you think?

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Secret Prayer

It's no exaggeration to say that prayer is central to an effective Christian life. Only by prayer do we make contact with our God and our Creator.

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Values for the Church

Most people have heard about the Commandments. There are only 10, but few people manage to live up to all of them. One place God expects to see them followed, however, is in His Church.

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We Said OK

If we tell God to get out of our lives, should we be surprised if He does just that?

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My God Is...

God, as described in the Bible is truly awesome and not someone to be trifled with. He is almighty, all powerful, all knowing and infinite. He is also absolutely righteous, pure and just. Best of all He is loving, compassionate, longsuffering and much more beside. How does your god compare with this?

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That's My King

Read the words of praise expressed by Dr. S.M. Lockeridge, a preacher from San Diego in a sermon delivered in Detroit.

Alternatively, listen to the spoken words of praise.

The Old Violin

It almost seems that mankind’s inhumanity towards fellow human beings knows no bounds. Undoubtedly there are many acts of love and compassion in this world of ours but they seem to be drowned out by selfishness, greed and utter disdain for one another.

This is all so unlike God’s attitude. He puts such value on the lives of individuals that it takes our breath away.

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